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Connecting the NC Behavioral Health Workforce with Mindfulness

Connecting the NC Behavioral Health Workforce with Mindfulness Connecting the NC Behavioral Health Workforce with Mindfulness

60 Minutes Special On Mindfulness

Anderson Cooper joins Jon Kabat Zinn on a meditation retreat and then visits with Dr. Judson Brewer in the lab to have his brain monitored while meditating. 

Clinicians helping clinicians: origins of ncmindful


Six years ago in North Carolina, a cohort of like-minded clinicians from various parts of the state began to gather through  Southern Regional AHEC trainings being delivered in conjunction with the North Carolina Evidence Based Practices Center and faculty members from Duke University.  A professional community led by Dr. Zach Rosenthal emerged that focused on the implementation of evidence based therapy processes grounded in the "third wave" Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) traditions. These "third wave" CBT therapies  incorporate mindfulness practices into the delivery of treatment and showed the ability to effectively help when other treatments often failed. The professional network grew, evolved, and continued to discuss ways to serve both the professional community and the recipients of behavioral health services across the state. The vision clarified to unite clinicians across the state interested in collaborating to deliver high quality, evidenced-based services in the era of reimbursement reform. Deep and passionate discussions were held on how this could support and enrich professional lives, reduce burnout, and greatly improve quality of care. In reaction to COVID-19, was launched in March 2020 to serve as a central point of contact, communication and collaboration for the North Carolina Behavioral Health community. Our first goal is to create avenues of immediate coping and support through cultivation of live mindfulness communities on Zoom. If you are interested in more information about the offerings of Southern Regional AHEC: or Dr. Rosenthal: or the CBT clinicians community: or the North Carolina Evidence Based Practices Center


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Take the mystery out of meditation with no commute, no traffic, and lots of options for when and where to practice. See things more clearly.





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Explore and discover the scientific foundations of what a mindfulness practice does to the human mind and other regulatory systems.

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